photography and videography for denim dayIt’s that time of the year once more. It’s time to endorse this most important cause. This time around, we’d like to reach even more people and shout out our support for Denim Day through video submissions! This year, we’re calling out to everyone to whip out their cameras, iPhones, camcorders, any and all of the latest in photography or videography gear and create a record of their expressions of support for Denim Day. Many have already answered the call. In the United States alone, it has started in the campuses. Many students—both those majoring in film studies and just about anyone with a recording device—have either submitted their pieces or started them. Some are simple testimonials in support of Denim Day while others are super short films dealing with the topic. Using a wide assortment of tools and equipment to make their footage as smooth and professional looking as possible, even those shot on iPhones, students went above and beyond the expected response. Many shot their video presentations using their smartphone cameras but with the aid of the now very popular small, phone stabilizer.

Surprisingly, many of those videography entries turned out looking very good. There are also many entries that used dlsr cameras that have been very popular in the last few years. handheld stabilizer for smart phoneOnce thought of as purely for photography, most of these cameras are very capable of video recording. Many students have again utilized camera stabilization systems to achieve that professional look they need for photos and videos. Even though these dslr cameras are slightly heavier and bulkier than iPhones or the multitude of android phones, many lightweight tripods and small handheld steadicams are sturdy enough to provide stability and support. More ambitious efforts are also on the way from many film studies majors across the country. We’ve heard from them in droves and even saw some behind the scenes of their efforts—they do take their filmmaking seriously; we’ve seen track sliders, dollies, jibs, and all sorts of gear being used. Denim Day is an international movement and we expect that even more videos, photographs, and testimonials in support of it are coming along. There’s still time to bring out all your dslr cameras and iPhones and join in. Support Denim Day this year on April 24 and make your voices heard.