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Learning The Basic of Image StabilizationTo learn the basics of how to operate your night vision camcorder is the most ideal thing you can do if you really want to bring your videography skills to a higher level. However, you also need to put into consideration that making a professional looking film would really require some artistic skills and of course sophisticated videography equipment such as dolly track or a camera stabilizer system. But mastery of the technical skills in video making can also take you far. Modern video cameras with night vision comes with built-in settings such as image stabilization and automatic aperture and shutter speed settings which makes shooting home movies easier and fun for starters. But if you want to shoot your video like a pro, learn to shoot videos by disabling all automatic settings. By doing this, you will be able to produce a far more creative and appealing video. Play around with the shutter and aperture settings of your camcorder so you can see for yourself difference of each result. By keeping your camera steady and adjusting the aperture, you will see the difference in depth of field. Shoot some video at the different white balance settings if your camera will allow it. Many films and videos gain a professional look by intentionally using white balance set to a distinct value to provide a distinctive look to the scene. And you’ll need to set the white balance by hand if you’re filming video where precise color replication is important. If the camera stabilization feature is not available in your camera’s settings, it will most likely cause vibration and will affect the shutter and cause blurry results. You can use stabilizer for video cameras to make sure that you have enough support for your camera to avoid blurry videos. Also learn to use artificial lighting to enhance the quality of your videos. Shooting in low lit environment is really a challenge, so always work with changing the controls. Constant practice can really hone your skills and that is the sure way to master the basics. Maximize all the settings available in your camcorder at one time or another and see which combination settings could be used for making your final video.