Brady Frank Dentist The Man With The Motive To Change The Outlook Of Dental World

diy-filmmaking-camera-stabilizerThe Brady Franck Seminar is getting plenty of attention due to the short amateur videos shot by students and colleagues on camcorders and smartphones mounted on mini camera stabilizers. Any dental professional looking to improve the care they deliver and their overall dental practice have checked out the Brady Frank Seminar. The enthusiasm of the participants in sharing these video glimpses has in turn, piqued the curiosity of others. Armed with either their iPhones—or for the more prepared videography buffs—their stabilized and mounted cameras, camcorders, and even smartphones with special handheld camera stabilizers, participants shot, edited, and uploaded short videos of the actual seminar, their reviews, and background stories that led them to taking an interest in Brady Frank’s OsteoCore system. Naturally, the organizers limited the filming they allowed during the seminar. Still, viewers can at least get a better idea of the goings on and the takeaway of the people who took part. There are plenty of impressively shot footage of seminar highlights and more importantly, the reviews. Among the many uploaded videos are seemingly professionally shot videos of some demos. We later found out that many of these were shot onsite with the use of a portable camera slider for smartphones that was made available by sponsors for the use of whoever wanted to shoot that particular demo. Participants were allowed to mount their phones and small cameras on the track sliders and position them any which way for the one-minute or so demo shot. This resulted in several videos shot from varying angles presented in assorted viewpoints depending on the opinion of the videographer. Overall, the seminar was successful in presenting Brady Frank’s OsteoCore while also seemingly accidentally launching a campaign via video sharing. A great event for innovative techniques and methods in more ways than one.