Important Things To Know About Workers Compensation And Workers Compensation Lawyers

A group of students were tasked to create various PSAs as part of their learning and teaching experience. Using everyday gadgets on hand such as the ubiquitous smartphone or iPhone and aided by a few special tools like these affordable mini camera stabilizers and a dollop of editing skills on the computer, students got into the spirit of things and produced 30 and 60-seconder PSAs. Among the topics for the PSA project was workers compensation. camera sliderA dozen students broke up into two groups to manage the production needs for the shoot for both the 30-second and 60-second PSA. While each group focused on the preparations for each, all of them worked together on the actual day shooting and editing. Paramount in their preparations were the procurement of stabilizers and track sliders for their recording devices, taking into consideration the non-existent budget. While some prepared the sets and scripts, others begged and borrowed equipment from friends and family. Even with the popularity of camera sliders and handheld steadicams, finding some designed for phones was not as easy as it sounded. While there were many of these advertised online, not as many people buy them compared to the ones designed to hold camcorders and DSLR cameras, which was what was commonly offered to the students for lending. They got a hodgepodge of gear, some pretty popular ones with brands like Opteka, Merlin, Glidecam, and more but most, with the exception of one Steadicam Smoothee and a couple Glide Gear SYL-1000 were not compatible with the phones the students were tasked to use. The same problem arose with using track sliders. Many people generously leant gear but it all boiled down to which sliders came ready with iPhone or smartphone compatible mounts. They found one other iPhone adapter that could be easily attached to a tripod head for use in a slider. All in all, both 30 and 60 seconder PSAs were shot with the combination of hard work from the students and good will from many supporters.