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Juicers allow you to conveniently take almost any fruit or vegetable and turn it into a refreshing drink. Models run the gamut, from manual juicers that only handle citrus to top-of-the-line electric appliances that juice any fruit or vegetable. Price points vary wildly, depending on the type of juicer you are looking for. Consider what kind of performance you are looking for in a electric juicer. If all you plan to juice is citrus, then an inexpensive electric reamer will do the job. Centrifugal juicers work quickly on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. For juicing wheat grass and other fibrous matter, you will want to look for a single auger model. Visit kitchen supply and small appliance stores and ask the staff if they have any knowledge or experience that pertains to the electric juicer variety you are seeking. They may know about problems with a certain model or brand, or may own an electric juicer they are pleased with. Ask for information on available store and manufacturer warranties. Read the features listed on the side of the electronic juicer’s box and closely examine the display models. Larger feed shoots will reduce the amount of pre-slicing that is needed. More powerful juicing motors work faster and extract more juice. Check for safety and efficiency features, such as automatic shutoff and finger guards. Research online user reviews for the models you are considering. Some reviewers detail the ability of a model to handle specific produce. Look for reviews that mention how loud or quiet the electric juicer is while operating. Compare the price of all the electric juicer models that meet your juicing needs. Many different manufacturers make similar electric juicers that vary in price by hundreds of dollars. Evaluate your kitchen space before you buy a power juicer. Large power juicers take up lots of real estate. If your countertop can accommodate the space, the larger size power juicers are ideal because they produce more juice and usually have more uses. If your kitchen is too small for a big power juicer, then you can always purchase a smaller handheld type. Besides space, also try to find a fruit or vegetable juicer that matches the look and design of other nearby appliances.