Key Skills On How To Become A Personal Trainer

We shot a series of informative video tutorials using a combination of recording devices: compact camcorder and an iPhone, plus a couple of different camera stabilization tools such as these. Prior to availing handheld camera stabilizers, our videos were mostly shot on a somewhat static platform such as a tripod. While we could add a little dynamic feeling to out footage through controlled panning, it is very obviously limited. Even then, we really did not want to risk shooting without a stability mount. To us, doing that would have been tantamount to going back to capturing images in practically the dark recesses of amateur videography, characterized by all the jitters and shakes. Take for example one of the segments we recently completed shooting. It was a short one but we decided to employ various camera angles and to add movement. fitness video shoot with handheld stabilizerThis was to avoid making it look static like some of out earlier attempts that were shot just using a tripod as a camcorder stabilizer. Shooting a demo video about key skills required for a career as a personal trainer, we felt that movement is definitely a requirement; footage that featured activity was the best match. Placing a simple camcorder on a handheld steadicam made the job fairly simple and straightforward. True, for most people who aren’t accustomed to using these gadgets yet, problems with balancing the camera on a handheld stability device might initially pose a challenge. But as soon as that is ironed out, shooting with a camera mounted on one is a breeze. Another addition to our stabilization arsenal is the slider dolly. While generally one has a choice between a slider and a dolly there are new hybrids out there. This type of slider makes it more practical for people who don’t want to accumulate too much gear or spend for multiple gadgets. These stabilization devices have gotten very popular in the last couple of years. From the pricier brands such as Merlin, Lensse, and Glidecam, to many of their more affordable counterparts. Most of us photography or videography civilians naturally will bend toward more affordable options and luckily, there are plenty to choose from.