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Shooting a professional looking, polished indie music video is so much easier these days. Even a group of amateurs can put together a great setup using camera stabilization that’s now widely available just about anywhere and at a very broad spectrum of price points. In this, the age of YouTube videos, musicians are in tight competition with each other for views. Using any of the much more affordable solutions from camera sliders to handheld steadicams and track dollies now for sale to amateur filmmakers and videographers, they can produce very attractive clips. handheld stabilizer for compact camerasEven without a crew (usually composed of friends, schoolmates, and the occasional bribed younger siblings) recording video with a camera stabilization mount is something that can easily be done. While the go-to equipment is a tripod because it can keep the camera steady without needing an operator, there are still more choices are available to one-man-crews. The camera slider, especially the motorized type, is a popular option. It can capture video in a smooth and steady way but does the tripod one better because it is not static. It will give the aspiring performer’s video the advantage of movement. In case there are willing volunteers to an endeavor such as a DIY video shoot, then there are so many other avenues to explore. With a couple of people operating your DSLR camera or camcorder on two camera stabilizers, the shots will have even more variety, more angles, and more movement. Even a full-blown DIY, backyard, basement, or garage production can end up with professional looking footage, especially with the liberal use of dollies or dolly tracks. With track dollies, the camera operator can follow bigger movement with a very fluid motion. While a good camera operator using a handheld camera slider can achieve similar results, if gear such as a track dolly is available, it is usually preferred.