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Choosing an lawyer is a difficult task in the average circumstances, but choosing a lawyer becomes even more troublesome when you or a loved one are injured. Personal injury lawyers are involved in this line of work for different reasons. Some personal injury lawyers are considered by the public to be ambulance chasers, while other personal injury lawyers are considered to be a savior in a time of need. Here are a few pointers of how to choose a personal injury lawyer. Talk to friends and relatives and ask if they know of a good lawyer. A friend’s advice is very valuable because not only do you find out the outcome of their case, but your friend can tell you how the attorney acted along the way. A friend will tell you whether the lawyer returned phone calls quickly, whether the lawyer was competent, whether the lawyer was friendly, and other valuable information that you won’t be able to get from cold calling lawyers yourself. Ask your present lawyer for referrals. Many people have some contact with a lawyer in some manner or another. Call the lawyer who wrote up your will and ask if they know of anyone who does personal injury law. Lawyers went to law school with other lawyers. They have friends that they know intimately and usually are more than willing to give referrals of their friends and fellow lawyers. Set up an appointment once you have a list, and go and meet with a handful of personal injury lawyers. nquire about the fees up front. Ask whether there will be a fee to evaluate your claim and initial consultation. Determine whether you can get along with the lawyer before hiring her. Be patient and ask for regular updates. Lawyers have several cases going on at the same time. They can only work as fast as their case load allows, but also as fast as the person on the other end will allow. If you were injured at a store, your lawyer must wait on the store’s internal process and negotiation chain of command. Be patient, but ask for regular updates so you know the lawyer is working for you. Fire your lawyer. If the case is a complete disaster there is always the possibility of parting ways with the lawyer. This should be a last option, but it is an option.