Make This Halloween an Amusement By Wearing One of the Funny Halloween Costumes

glidecam for halloweenWearing different costumes on Halloween is one the fun and creative things to do. This year, we thought we would capture as many shots with our digital cameras or camcorders of fascinating, creative, attractive, and unique costumes that catches our attention. From those worn by little ones and to the grown up versions, we went to town with images and video. During the day, documenting the event and adventures of people celebrating Halloween appeared to be one of the most popular activity by the revelers themselves and by the parents of the kids walking around the streets in scary costumes, super heroes, cartoon characters, monsters, celebrities and the unlikely everyday object turned into costume. There are also a lot of people who are taking pictures and some are amateur videographers, carrying their camcorders mounted on a camera stabilizer for better quality footage. Other people went all the way, using those fancy handheld steadicams with their iPhones and other smartphones. These videographers with all of their videography gear that we see are usually parents who are also in their Halloween costumes. It’s hard enough coming up with specific costumes; one can imagine the dedication coming up with several coordinating ones. While matching Halloween outfits are very common for couples, a true group variety is not so. Many Halloween parties are recording their events too. As one can see on Youtube, there are some of these events are captured on video as well. Some party hosts go all the way and bring out their dolly tracks to document the arrival of party goers for that professional-looking video. As video recording technology gets even more accessible, we can only expect to see more and more of these videos. Because it’s Halloween, video-sharing sites are sure to be filled with young trick or treaters dressed as superheroes, monsters, zombies, and vampires. At the same time the adults have even more choices. One of the most popular for a group of ladies are the Bratz and the various music video incarnations of Miley Cyrus, while the men on the other hand would go dressed as Batman, Ninja, and some other superheroes, mostly from Marvel.