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glidecamSexual violence is difficult to discuss and often goes unmentioned. So this year we are inviting young people around Sacramento to make their voice heard through Photography and Videography. In previous years, winners of the competitions have included those making a film or taking a picture for the very first time. We are looking for a creative spark, a unique insight, or a new idea. This year we are inviting entrants to use the medium of Photography and Videography to describe the opportunities and barriers faced by women and the roles they play in their family, community and nation. Participants can use DSLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, iPhones or smartphones as long as the photos or videos are professional-looking. Prizes across both competitions include monetary awards, photography or filmmaking equipment such as video camera stabilizers, exhibitions at prestigious venues and submission to prestigious festivals around California. This year, we are expecting thousands of Americans and citizens worldwide to join together on April 24th to wear jeans in solidarity and say that sexual violence is never acceptable. Anyone can wear jeans. Women started it, but we encourage men to wear it too. It’s good for them to say they support victims and they’re taking a stand against that. However, it’s perpetrated a lot by men. So, men and women are both urged to wear jeans on Denim Day. It’s just easy. You don’t have to do a lot. You just wear jeans to school or work wherever you are going. Denim Day events are being organized across the country. We are participating in Denim Day because we want to end the violence of sexual assault, and we want to end the silence. You can participate by spreading the word, print out stickers and post it to your cars or vehicles and by wearing jeans or hosting an event to bring awareness to your community. Now take out whatever camera or device you have and participate!