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There is a simple and effective handheld stabilizer that you can make in around an hour that will enable you to shoot stable shots without the hassle of using a tripod. All you need are a few items from around the house and some metal pieces. Cut all metal pieces to the right lengths. Wear protective eyewear when completing this step. Drill a ¼-inch hole one inch away from each end of the flat aluminum pieces. You should have two holes on each piece of metal. Drill two holes in the middle of one of the pieces of aluminum to the size that matches the tripod mounting hole on your camera. Drill a hole in the middle of the other piece of metal to use as a mount of a microphone later. Each piece of metal will now have three holes. Glue one bolt inside one of the holes to easily find where to mount the camera. Cut 4 small pieces of broom handle to three inches each. Drill a hole down the middle of each piece, large enough for the threaded rod to fit through. Fit the pieces of wood into the ends of each pipe. Screw the threaded rod to each side of one of the flat metal pieces. Slide the bicycle grips over the pipe with the wooden pieces inside. Slide the pipe over the threaded metal. Now you will repeat this step on the pipes for the opposite side. Take the other piece of flat metal and screw one nut and bolt to each side of the other piece of threaded metal. You should now have a rectangle with the two bicycle grips making up the short sides, and the metal making up the longer sides. Screw a microphone or light bracket to the top of the metal siding. You can use this to make even more professional looking videos. Attach the camera to the inside of the video stabilizer using the tripod screw holes on the bottom of the camera. Hold the sides of the stabilizer where the bicycle grips are. Use the stabilizer to shoot stable and professional looking shots. You are finished making your own video camera stabilizer.