Choice One Solutions

For the Denim Day video campaign, we’ve found the top choice for many participants is to use their iPhones and other smartphones—many of which are now outfitted with their own mini camera stabilizer such as those found here—for recording their video testimonials or even shooting extra-short films. It’s surprising to find the kind of commitment many participants put into their Support Denim Day contributions. There were many still photographs and short video clips, and a surprising number of longer video footage. Many were shot with the participants’ phones but astonishingly, a lot of them also took extra steps to ensure better quality clips by using additional videography gear such as mini handheld steadicams. These small camera stabilization equipment have been selling like hotcakes since their introduction over a year ago. Slingshot, Pico, Smoothee, Glide Gear, LennseFormerly, even the smaller camera stabilizers could only accommodate lighter camcorders and dslr cameras. These days, the newer camera stabilizers have either been designed for point-and-shoot type cameras and for iPhones and other smartphones or have adaptors to accommodate them. Now, even with everyone’s everyday, ordinary smartphone along with a simple stability rig, anyone can shoot decent quality footage free of shakes and jitters. Videography has really gotten a much-needed shot in the arm with the mainstreaming of video-capable mobile phones and even more so now with the wide-availability of mini camera stabilizers. The new gyroscopic stabilization mounts have truly made an impact on amateur filmmaking and videography. As the good to great quality footage we’ve seen these past few weeks for Support Denim Day proves. Due to the small size of the cameras and mobile devices used for capturing the videos, it was only to be expected that the small handheld stabilizer was choice number one for the contributors. With these tools, our student contributors and every other participant across the country not only achieved jitter-free footage, they did it while executing pan, tilt, and hover movements. We look forward to more and more clips and images. Keep supporting Denim Day.