Group Halloween Costume

camera-stabilizer-halloween-costumeOne of the most fun things about Halloween is the donning of costumes. This year, we decided to capture as many shots—with our cameras and camcorders—of interesting, cute, attractive, and thought-provoking costumes to pass our way. From those worn by little ones and to the grown up versions, we went to town with images and video. Throughout the day, recording the adventures of Halloween merrymakers seemed to be one of the most popular activity by the revelers themselves and by the parents of the young ones roaming the streets as super heroes, monsters, cartoon characters, and the unlikely everyday object translated into costume. Many played at being amateur videographers, toting their video camera phones mounted on some type of stabilizer for better quality footage. Others went the whole hog, using those fancy handheld steadicams with their cameras and camcorders. Especially popular among photographers and videographers (mostly of the amateur persuasion) are group Halloween costumes. It’s hard enough coming up with individual costumes; one can imagine the commitment coming up with multiple coordinating ones. While matching Halloween outfits are quite common for couples, a true “group” variety is not so. Many Halloween parties are documenting their events as well. As one can see on Youtube and Vevo, many of these events are captured on video as well. Some party hosts go all out and lay down motorized dolly tracks to record the arrival of party goers for that professional-looking video. As video recording technology gets even more accessible, we can only expect to see more and more of these clips. For this Halloween, video-sharing sites are sure to be filled with young trick or treat-ers dressed as Super Friends, Ninja turtles, Smurfs, and vampires. Meanwhile the grownups have even more options. One of the most popular for a group of ladies are the Spice Girls and the various music video incarnations of Brittney Spears; the men often tend to go movie-themed from Star Trek, G. I. Joe, and the occasional boy band.