diy handheld camera stabilizerTaking pictures in events or organization can be a very rewarding career or a fun side job. You just need to either be involved in an organization or check out some upcoming events to take your camera skills to test. Support Denim Day is in need of photographers – newbies or professional, to take photos of the event for free. You may What SDD need is a little exposure to reach out to volunteers and donors. Used clothing, such as denim, are also items that may be recycled instead of thrown away. Give used denim to organizations around the country that find a new use for denim garments, helping others in need. To do so, contact organizations, such as the Support Denim Day program, to convert your old jeans into something useful, like home insulation. This program pairs with corporate businesses and universities across the United States to hold denim garment drives. Once the denim is collected, the garments are sent to a textile recycler to be converted into insulation. Last year, there were may photographers who participated in the yearly event. All you need is a working camera or DSLR camera and you’re in. If you’re a photography enthusiast and want to be part of this important event, you may register on-site or log on to this site. Include your best event-related photo on the front of the card along with your name and contact information. Prepare to learn pre-planning, on-site photo shoot protocol and post-production activities directly from a professional photographer. Before going to the event, test your camera to gauge its working condition because there will be a lot of movement involved here. In order to capture great photos, your camera slider equipment, that equipment should be in good working condition. You can help us make a difference with your create visual imagery that records our event by telling its story through pictures. Not only that you will be part of this important event, you can also gain experience in taking photographs if you are a beginner or improve you videography skills and using digital equipment such camcorders and computer technology. You can use it if you will build a professional portfolio of images that clearly demonstrate your abilities of photographer. Who knows, you can also gain employment with a news organization or photography agency by participating in this wonderful event. Don’t forget to test the stability of you equipment before going to the event, it is very important.