in today’s technology when it comes to digital imaging such as Digital SLR cameras and video camcorders, have a great array of photographic options. Faster shutter speeds, lower light capabilities and digital image stabilizers allow for highly creative shots that can help you to become a better photographer. Some of these technologies can be heavy and bulky, however, and lower light or fast motion situations can be difficult to capture. Camera grips and handles can help to stabilize your camera so you can get those amazing shots. A camera grip functions as a stabilizer for your hand when using a handheld camcorder or SLR. In general, the grip or handle attaches to the camera via the 1/4-inch threaded hole on the base of the camera normally used to attach the camera to a tripod. Pistol grips attach to the camera via the tripod mount on the base of the camera. Many pistol grips are attached to a monopod staff to allow for extra support and stability. The pistol grip resembles the handle of a gun, hence the name. Hand strap grips attach via the tripod mount and the shoulder strap loop. The adjustable strap wraps around the right side of the camera, effectively locking the camera to your hand. Shoulder mounts are generally used with handheld video camcorders to add extra stability. The camera is mounted on a device that uses an armature that rests on the shoulder and counter-balances the weight of the camera. Most grips feature some kind of strap or handle that secures the camera to your hand or a staff. Hand grips usually have an adjustable strap to custom fit to your hand size. Some pistol grips feature controls for shutter release built right into the handle for easy use. Take into account the type of shooting you intend to do, and what type of camera you will be using. If you are using an SLR, a hand strap or pistol grip might work well. If you are using a small handheld camcorder, a pistol grip will do wonders for stability. Hand straps are typically built in to camcorders, so a shoulder mount could give you that extra bit of stability to smooth out your shots.