Trade Show Display

Steadicam in trade showsA popular sight on the photography and video-film trade show circuit is the newest stability gizmos from makers such as Lensse, Tiffen, Glidecam, Hague, Glide Gear, among many others on display. For the last couple of years, advancement in the design and manufacturing of these special photographic and cinematic accessories have gone through major leaps. These days, camera stabilization gear can be found practically for all sorts of recording devices of all shapes and sizes. A few Denim Day supporters participating in trade shows have leant a hand to students and hobbyists try out their assorted stability gear for this year’s campaign. A favorite among many is the handheld camera stabilizer. This particular stability gadget is on high demand because it comes in a plethora of makes, models, and price points. What film/video or photography nut could resist being so taken by such a device? All over the internet are videos and write ups about them. The videos in particular, are great in selling the idea of their use. These devices make filming really smooth footage not only possible but also easily attainable. There are examples of handheld camera stabilizers being used with camcorders, dslr cameras, iPhones and other smart phones to create pretty good quality video footage. camera sliders in trade show displayGoing to the latest photo-video trade show can help familiarize visitors with the latest camera sliders and stabilizers and give them a chance to take them out for a spin. Usually, brands take the time to make sure their trade show display include several units that can be handled and tested on the spot. Many enthusiasts often head out to certain booths expecting to check out one item or model and learning about other gear that they previously had not considered using or even buying. Big name brands naturally attract many visitors to their booths. Happily, trade shows often include a wide range of participants allowing lesser-known brands to get as much exposure. Trade shows can have popular names such as Steadicam, Merlin, and Glidecam side by side with Hague and Glide Gear. Usually, with top-of-the-line and high-end models vying for the attention of the visitors right along with the newest, more affordable ones. So, if you’re a photography or videography enthusiast, it’s time to check out the nearest trade show coming your way. It’s a great chance to check out the latest gear—some even making their debuts during the event—from the dream items to the more accessible versions.