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Steadicam for capture moving imagesTaking photos of a sporting event may look easy, but it is actually not. It is definitely a challenge to any photographer. For most professional photographers, a camera stabilizer is used to capture clear images of a moving subject. We all know that these types of photography and videography gear are very expensive. So for those amateur and professional photographers who are on a limited budget, there are other techniques in photography that you can use aside from camera stabilization systems like a steadicam. Eliminating annoying motion blur in sports photography is one the most common problem for sports photographers. The primary goal in sports photography is to capture the drama in the game, so that the suspense can be felt in the game. The picture must also have more color contrast that will highlight the subject and stand out from the background. This can be achieved by always keeping the digital camera’s shutter speed from normal to high. Most sports photographers go for shutter speeds in the 1/500s to 1/1000s range. This is what allows them to freeze the motion. However, it is hard to shoot at a high shutter speed if the place is not well lit. To use flash is also to add more light to the scene. Usually, using flash in sporting events especially major ones are strictly prohibited because it could distract the players. If you have a professional camera that can be easily mounted, you can trigger the upper lights set up in the rafters without distracting the players. Another strategy is to increase your ISO setting. This way you are efficiently making your DSLR camera process the light faster and get the motion freezing effect. But be sure to choose your ISO setting properly because it can impact your camera’s sensitivity and camera stabilization. Lastly, you need to increase the aperture and use a wide zoom lens. The only problem that you might experience with this is that, as you increase the aperture, you also reduce the depth of field. It is really a challenging photographic opportunity but once you’ve perfected it, this gives you many chances to capture dramatic and stunning images that will last a lifetime.