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videography-camera-stabilizerI’m sure you have already spent a lot of time shooting videos with your video camera, and you realize that keeping the camera steady is the most challenging. You wished that if you only have a camera stabilizer or a tripod or any type of camera stabilizing system with you, everything will just run smoothly. Most video camcorders can’t capture fast-moving scenes if they’re handheld especially those with limited storage. These types won’t be able to compensate jerky and abrupt transitions. But using a camera stabilization system can help you avoid the hassle of poor recordings caused by camera shake. Here are some basic tips on you can capture video flawlessly. If you are shooting a scene on stationary (like a seated interview), use a tripod or any camera mount to make sure that your video camera stays in one place. Then you hold you it as steady as you can or buy a camera strap so you can secure the camera close to your body and to control your digital camera easily. You can adjust the strap until you are free from any discomfort. Although there may be times that you can’t get away with a little camera shake. But too much shaking can ruin your shots. If you are taking a moving scene, in a sporting event for example, you need to pan slowly. Your camera doesn’t have to stay in one place but you need to move around slowly to achieve best results. You can also buy a camera stabilizer like those from Glidecam that is perfect for moving or panning shots. It has an adjustable plate and can move slowly from left to right. You can also check camera stabilizer reviews to help you choose the ones best for shooting videos. The more you shoot with your video camera, the more familiar you can get with how to keep the camera steady. If you’re having difficulty right now, just follow the tips and you’ll eventually get there.