Virtual Education Wonderful Project of The College Network

steadicam flyerDenim Day allows college photography members to connect to other college members from different schools – here and abroad. This type of connection makes use of the event’s infrastructure to spread awareness. Since most of the students are beginners, there are encouraged to get a video camera of some kind. It could be a still camera, camcorder or a mobile phone. Students can bring other equipment for taking pictures and filmmaking while on the event. They can also utilize other camera stabilization gear which can be found here, help reduce camera shake. Using a tripod can also make a big difference to the quality of the image. With a tripod, the shots will be steadier and students will take more time planning their shots. There will be a lot of walking and running on the event and holding the camera still is kind of difficult if you aim to get a smooth footage. Working with handheld stabilizers can allow them to take unusual shots and camera positions. However, using handheld cameras without even practicing how to frame the subjects will usually result to shaky images and films. So to achieve that smooth tracking shots, you can use a suitable camera stabilization gear such as these. Sound is very important in film, and a soundtrack to a film (or collage presentation) can consist of many separate elements and audio tracks. For serious videography, a good equipment that will makes the images and films produce good sound quality, whether it was recorded it live or add it later. So far, most students on the event had Canon and Nikon DSLR, iPhones and smartphones to capture images. It’s really interesting when you see some great images and video taken only by an iPhone. I think it is very important to learn to be a photographer and filmmaker, than to own professional photographic equipment. However since these students desire to have equipment that might be used later in a professional career, so they are buying the some photography equipment already while some has rented and some owned them. And with these photography gears, students can achieve shake-free images and footage that they can be proud of when they show them to people.