What’s The Difference Between Recklessness and Negligence

camera slidersWhen you are traveling with your steadicam, you need to protect it because it is your investment. Making sure that you handle your Steadicam with care gives you the best chance of having functional equipment when you reach your destination. When traveling just bring lightest, most compact steadicam necessary for the job. If your shoot will be fine with a Merlin, don’t attempt to bring a heavier, more expensive Steadicam such as the Phantom or Ultra. If you can’t justify the traveling with your Steadicam, you can probably rent a Steadicam from a video rental shop at your destination to help save on transportation cost and worry while traveling. Wrap the sled in bubble wrap or egg crate foam and place it in a suitcase or other hard piece of luggage. Add the vest and the monitor, but keep the batteries with you. If you’re taking clothes, they provide excellent cushioning for your videography gear to help keep them safe. If flying, check the suitcase. So if you are an amateur or low-budget videographer who want to smooth out their shaky handheld camera work have for some time now had the option of using the Glidecam HD 4000, a simple rig made by none other than Steadicam. The product is intended for use with pocket camcorders and smartphones, iPhones, etc. Pretty much any model of DSLR or smaller HD video camera can be mounted on the base, via the camera’s tripod mount hole. Depending on the size and weight of the camera, it can be mounted towards the front or rear of the platform, in order to keep its weight centered. From there, the user simply holds the rig by its handle, with the weight of the camera and the platform serving to minimize the jiggles, as can be seen in this demo video. Various custom accessories are available for hook-up to the slider, including camera lights, monitors, and mounts that can themselves hold several other accessories, such as multiple lights or wireless microphone receivers. Besides being used as a stabilizer, the device can also simply be mounted on a tripod, where its handle serves as an attachment point for shotgun mics, lights, or any other peripherals. Additionally, a DSLR can be turned sideways on the base, with the camera body and handle curve serving as dual hand holds, for more controlled panning.