Your Way To An Easy Ppi Reclaim

iphone-camera-stabilizerIsn’t techonology amazing? Aside from the more popular photography equipment such as camera stabilizers, camera sliders and other camera stabilization systems, more and more digital cameras have built in GPS systems that can record where you took your photographs. This caught the attention of most people who are fond of photo sharing and using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can check your camera if you have this feature or if it is compatible to any GPS system. Unfortunately, some DSLR cameras nowadays no longer carry a GPS system for geotagging. Back in 2008, a time when smartphones were first introduced in the market, dslr cameras still have this feature. But now that more people use smartphones, only a few people want a point-and-shoot camera with GPS. You’re lucky if you have a smartphone with a mini camera because geotagging is already a common feature for this type of gadgets. It automatically geo tags every photo that it takes. One perfect example is the iPhone. Since iPhone is considered as the most popular smartphone, more and more developers are customizing their products to cater iPhone users, just like Glidegear’s iphone camera stabilizer and other similar products. When it comes to its GPS system, you only need to download a camera application so it will have access to the GPS data and will sync to your photos. All these enhancements can make your smartphone function like a professional camera. Nikon and Canon DSLR do not have a built in GPS system but some have. Instead they designed a special gadget that has the ability to more. During the early days of digital photography, it really doesn’t tell you much information about the photo you took, but now it will tell you everything. Even the aperture, ISO, shutter speed and other little details are attached to each photo file your camera captures. You can also download other applications like Apple iPhoto or Panoramio to get the most out of your geotagged photos.